automatic SL group ads engine

Ads-o-matic is an automatic Second Life group advertisement engine. We provide you with hundreds of hand-picked groups which allow sending ad notices and group IMs.

Setup your ad delivery right now!

1. It is really simple to start

(1) Rent a box in-world, (2) Enter ad text, (3) Start sending. That's it, simple. No registration required.

Edit your ad using a web interface (no boring configuration notecards!). Check your delivery for all groups with 1 click.

Read more about setup.

2. Boosting power for low price

42 groups, sent every 2 hours = L$290 per week (no hidden fees!). You just pay for the service and it works.

Read more about prices.

3. Configure it

Fine-tune your order. We have 40 sets, each with up to 42 groups. You can compose your very own set.

Edit the delivery schedule. Want to send ads at 00:59? No problem.

Read more about tuning your ad.

4. Have land? Earn with us!

Rez our boxes in your land. Let people rent it and earn 10% commission. Easy as Ads-o-Matic... Forget about complex setup notecards!

Read more about partner program.

5. Thank you for being with us!

Ads-o-Matic is amazing, we guarantee that. Try us now! (ppst! grab a special offer down below, click the banner!)

Need help? Use the live chat button. And proceed to our in-world office!